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The 11+ is made up of 4 areas with each one being between 30 to 50 minutes long. The only way to know if your child is ready to take the 11+ is to do a mock / simulation. Click the links below to launch the full 11+ practice test and make sure your child is prepared to sit the exam;

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11+ Mathematics

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11+ English

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11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning

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11+ Verbal Reasoning

10-11 year old girl taking the 11+ exam
Taking the 11+

The Eleven Plus exam is used as an assessment tool for entry into grammar schools in the UK. It presents one of the most significant challenges for students and parents. Managing the stress associated with the exam becomes extremely important to ensure your child is able to perform to the best of their ability. The emotional toll of the Eleven Plus exam on students is significant and parents have a key role in helping children to copy

Understanding the Key Stress Factors

The 11+ exam carries determines a child’s educational trajectory and helps to determine the type of education he or she will receive. The pressure associated with this life changing event is even more pronounced in parents since they understand the consequences. The fear of underperforming, the competitive nature of the exam, and the apprehension of encountering questions that haven’t been practiced. These pressures can potentially cause the child to underperform as well as negatively effective a child’s psychological well-being.

Student Expectations

Negotiating the unfamiliar setting, strict time constraints, and the burden of expectations can be an overwhelming ordeal. Moreover, the broad spectrum of subjects covered requires a wide set of skills and early preparation in subjects ranging from English, math, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning.

The Parent’s Role is Key

Parents are very important is mitigating the child’s stress levels by communicating and reassuring the child. The worst thing a parent can do is apply further pressure on the child to perform – we all want our children to do well but this period of time is when parents need to allow their child to communicate their thoughts and work through any concern together. Fostering this type of a nurturing environment at home, can help immensely.

Effective Approaches to Prepare for the 11+

Structure and discipline is key to preparation and can help provide the tools and knowledge your child needs to avoid the feeling of not having done enough. Create a well-balanced study timetable and also pencils in study breaks. Use mock tests like the ones provided on this page to help your child familiarize themselves with the format, level and complexity of the questions. Don’t do this too soon – make sure your child is ready to be able to answer at least some of the questions – we all want to feel we can reach our goals and if we completely bomb the mock test your child may fall into a cycle of depression and inaction.

Nerves on the Day of the 11+

Stress and anxiety will almost certainly build the closer exam day comes. Practice relaxation techniques with your child, such as deep breathing and visualization, to calm their nerves. Exercise is also an excellent way to keep spirits high and blood flowing. A wholesome breakfast and sufficient sleep is essential to ensure your child is both mentally and physically prepared to face the challenge.

Focusing on the 11+ Learning Journey

After the exam, give your child some space to reflect on their experience. Whatever the outcome be proud that your child stayed the course and kept to the schedule. If the results are less than expected reassess with your child where improvements can be made for the future and remind them that the future holds many opportunities for which you need to prepare and that this particular exam is but one.


The emotional rollercoaster that students and parents encounter during their preparation for the 11+ can either help or hinder a child’s performance. Your support as a parent is a key enabler to ensure anxiety and stress is diffused and channeled appropriately and that when armed with effective preparation strategies, a positive mindset, and a robust support network their is nothing to worry about whatever the final results. Help your child emerge as a more resilient individual.