The CAT4 Level E test is taken for entry into Year 8. There are many schools which also run these CAT4 Level E tests internally to provide information on ability of individual pupils and the cohort being taught. This data is then used to determine ability based groups (sets) during GCSEs. The CAT4 test consists of eight sub-tests; with each test assessing a different cognitive ability to help determine a child’s general ability to learn and future potential. Click on the images below to launch the practice tests and get your child ready for the real thing.

CAT4 Practice Figure Classification Test
CAT4 Practice Figure Matrices Test
CAT4 Practice Verbal Classification Test
CAT4 Practice Verbal Analogies Test
CAT4 Practice Number Analogies Test
CAT4 Practice Number Series Test
CAT4 Practice Figure Analysis Test
CAT4 Practice Figure Recognition Test

Results for each of the practice CAT4 Level E tests will be available in your practice history page.

Check out the full breakdown of each level and which age group it applies to.