School Entrance Exam

CAT4 Practice Test

The CAT4 (Cognitive Ability Test) is a popular entrance exam used by schools to assess pupil ability and likely future academic performance. The practice school entrance tests available on this site are designed to familiarize students with format, style and online delivery method used. Students coming to the end of secondary Рfrom age 10 to 13 will benefit from reviewing these tests. Try our first CAT4 test now (Non-verbal Figure Classification).

11 Plus Practice Test

Many secondary independent schools and grammar schools use 11+ tests as part of their admission process. Only pupils who gain a high score in this school entrance exam are invited for interview. These assessments evaluate a student’s knowledge of Mathematics and English, along with their verbal and non-verbal reasoning ability. It is normally administered at the end of year 5 or the beginning of year 6. Try a FREE short version of the 11 plus now (Online 11+ Test )

IGCSE / GCSE Success

International GCSEs / GCSEs are the first set of exams whose results will have an impact on your future. As parents, we need to provide direction on how to get the best grades possible. To this end I’ve created a 7-step process for anyone to follow – it’s simple, straightforward and all about maximizing your grades. Of course, if you need my help its available – but if you can find the time and pull up your sleeves it is very possible to do this yourself. It’s key that your child doesn’t get disadvantaged.

Smashing Your A-Levels

A-Levels are the ultimate entrance exam – the one which is critical to the course and university your child attends. A lack of support from the school, a difficult home life, busy parents will all contribute to underperformance. Using the same principles as the 7-step process your child can be as successful as anyone. The key here is creating a plan, staying consistent, and using all the resources available. In the old days we had to read books – today we have YouTube and unlimited, free resources on the internet. The truth is we as parents don’t know how to leverage these advantages to ensure our children do their very best ….

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