Revision notes should be concise so for a 33 chapter book (IGCSE Mathematics for instance) you would only need 15-25 A4 pages – that’s one A4 side or so per chapter. Too much simply becomes too daunting to review – and don’t forget the number one rule during revision time – YOU SHOULD NOT BE LEARNING – YOU SHOULD BE REVISING, so notes should be made after each lesson not crammed just before the exams.

The student needs to make their own notes – using someone else’s notes simply won’t speak to the person revising, and may lack details or contain too many details for another student. Along with the notes all of the exercises – however mundane should be attempted – but to be efficient there is no need to keep doing the same type of questions if they are straightforward and you have mastered the topic.

Here are the notes one of my children made (the Biology notes are best !) – simple summaries of the material that will help the student remember the details – here are some different styles (one is from my son and the other from my daughters – bit sloppy but its the understanding that counts!!) :

GCSE Chemistry RevisionNotes V1Notes V2Notes V3Notes V4

GCSE Biology RevisionNotes V1 Notes V2Notes V3Notes V4

GCSE Physics RevisionNotes V1Notes V2

GCSE Maths Revision NotesNotes V1

GCSE Computer Science NotesNotes V1Notes V2

GCSE Psychology NotesNotes V1

A-Level Psychology Edexcel Notes Notes V1

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