ESL True Beginner Chapters 1-4

True Beginner Test Chapters 1-4

Read the questions carefully and select the correct answer from the options presented.

You have 60 minutes to complete this test after which time your answers will be automatically submitted.

What's ______ first name? Abdullah.

What's ______ phone number? 576544.

He is from ________.

________ name is Abdullah Al-Majid.

What's ______ first name? Aisha.

What's _______ last name? Al-Majid.

________ last name is Al-Kuwari.

Where is ________ from? Najma.

What's ______ phone number? 6442512.

________ is from Najma.

Where's __________ from? Al Wakra.

Her phone number is__________.

What's the matter? I have a ________ .

What's the matter?____ leg hurts.

When's your birthday? In _________.

My last ________ is Hussain.

What _____ is it?

My feet _____.

_______ hurts? My hands.

What's _____ phone number?

_______ area code is 434.

Where ____ she from?

My _______ name is Ali.

My phone number _____ 5746337.

I _____ from Qatar.

What's the matter? My head _________.

Where is she from? _____ is from Qatar.

What hurts? ______ stomach.

Do you have a wife? ______, I don't.

_____ you have a son? No, I don't.

Do ____ have a grandfather? No, we don't.

Do you have a grandmother? Yes, we _____.

Do you have a daughter? ______, we don't.

Do you have a baby? No, we ________.

Do you have a _______? No, I don't.

Do you have a brother ? ______, I do

My first name is ________.

My last name is ________.

My phone number is ________.

My area code is ________.

My birthday is in ________.

Who is Hamed? Sara's ____.

Who is Sara? Hussain's ____.

Who is Hamed? Aysha's ____.

Who is Abdulla? Aysha's ____.

Who is Sara? Hamed's ____.

Who is Abdulla? Hussain's ____.

Who is Hussain? Sara's ____.

Who is Aysha? Abdulla's ____.

Who is Sara? Abdulla's ____.

Who is Hussain? Hamed's ____.

Where's my eraser? _____ the dictionary.

Where's my dictionary? _____ the desk.

Where's my book? _____ the filing cabinet.

Where's my pen? _____ the dictionary.

Where's my ruler? _____ the table.

Where's my pencil? _____ the desk.

What hurts?

What's the matter?

What's the matter?

What is the matter?

What hurt's?

Your score is