Breaking Down the CAT4 Levels – X, Y, A to G

CAT4 level tests are different versions of the test catering for children who are in different grades in primary school and high school. The table below provides you with a brief summary. CAT4 Level X and Level Y are for year 1 and 2 and have a different structure. CAT4 Level A to Level G is for year 3 to year 12 and above.

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Time Management to Smash the CAT4 Tests

How long is the CAT 4 test?

Managing your time during the CAT4 test is essential and provide you with some precious seconds for those extra difficult questions. Actual testing time for each of the eight tests lasts between between 8-10 minutes. The test battery in total takes approximately 2 hours 15 minutes but actual time in a tests adds up to 72 minutes.

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Breaking Down the CAT4 Assessment

CAT4 assessments are a very specific and specialized type of tool which allow schools to independently assess a students abilities. They are generally used in two circumstances but can be used at other points during a child’s schooling – there are various levels available which allow testing at different points in a child’s education.

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